Discover the best things to do in Positano: Gorgeous beaches, Artisan shops, Stunning rooftops & Cocktail bars.

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where did you grow up and what inspired your love of luxury travel and photography?

I am a passionate photographer, travel addict, advertising and marketing person and Independent travel agent based in Israel. I discovered my passion for photography in 2013. I started shooting (on a vacation of course) without studying and without a background in photography, with a small digital camera. After a few more vacations, I realized that I probably have a talent for photography and I purchased my first "professional" DSLR camera (Nikon D3200) and she served me faithfully for about 5 years. Today, I shoot with a full-frame mirrorless camera (Sony A7iii), A drone (Dji Mavic Pro) & Action camera (GoPro HERO7). Nothing makes me happier than traveling to beautiful destinations and capturing the world from a different angle. I guess almost everyone loves to travel, but I'm really curious to discover new places and preferably as beautiful as possible. Instagram is definitely a source of inspiration for me. I think most of the places I traveled came from the thought of seeing them before on Instagram and I told myself that I must get to them and of course photograph them. Since then I have received a lot of happy comments that I inspire people with my photos to go and travel in those places and I am very happy to be on the inspiring side as well.

Relais Blu - between the two coasts of Sorrento & Amalfi © Daniel Caspi

Q: How would you describe Positano as a destination? What do you love most about visiting this beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast?

Positano is definitely one of the most special places on earth in my opinion. I love the colors, the beaches, the architecture, the atmosphere and the food. Those are the main characteristics that make this place so special to me. As a destination for a summer trip, you can find everything you are looking for from a perfect vacation. Perfect beaches, good food like Italy knows to do and a one-of-a-kind urban landscape that you will not want to stop shooting. There is so much to see and explore in the whole area of the Amalfi Coast and the amazing island of Capri. The whole area can be very crowded during the peak of summer so it is advisable to arrive in the early summer months or after the peak season.

Positano © Daniel Caspi

Q: You have captured some amazing photos of Positano on your Instagram - what is your favorite spot here and why is it so special to you?

Basically, almost every point in or around the town will give you a beautiful picture - It's simply one of the most colorful and photogenic places. In my opinion, two main places should not be missing for photography: capturing the town from the sea (cruising by boat or a drone) and above the town from the road that goes up and overlooks the whole area. I think my most beautiful photos from these points of view are because they emphasize the colorful and special architecture of the place.

Positano © Daniel Caspi

Q: For travelers who want to experience the best of Positano - what are the Top 10 Most Unique Attractions/Things To Do in your opinion?

  1. A boat ride from Positano to Marina di Praia beach. to experience both the views of Positano from the sea and the amazing beach.
  2. Sit in one of the restaurants that overlook the beach and the amazing views from above on the main street that crosses the town.
  3. Beach time of course and it does not matter so much which one.
  4. "Franco's Bar" for cocktails at sunset.
  5. Buy beautiful paintings from the painters on the beach.
  6. Shopping for souvenirs and beautiful summer clothing items on the beach stores.
  7. Visit the special ceramic shops and factories for those who are interested.
  8. Eat Ravioli and Pizza with a glass of wine just about anywhere.
  9. Get lost and explore the charming streets.
  10. Just enjoy the views. It is a relatively small town and its most special thing is the landscapes (or the cityscape).

Positano © Daniel Caspi

Q: How would you describe the people and culture of Positano? What is the best way for travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture?

The people in Positano are very nice and friendly but it is still a super touristy place and I believe there are better places in Italy to soak up the local culture (like Sorrento / Capri). I would return to Positano to enjoy the special views, the great beaches and a good glass of wine with a romantic atmosphere.

Positano © Daniel Caspi

Q: What is the food scene like in Positano? Do you know of any amazing restaurants/cafes that every visitor should check out?

Of course, the main food is pizzas, ravioli, pasta, ice creams and wine. There are quite a few restaurants on the main road that crosses the town with delicious food and great views. Keep in mind that sometimes you can wait quite a bit of time in line for a good place. The truth is that the most delicious pizza we have ever eaten is on the nearby island of Capri which is a must-visit! The name of the restaurant is "Ristorante Pizzeria Longano". A modest pizzeria a few steps from the main square (Piazzetta) which can be reached from the port by cable car or public transport.

Ravello © Daniel Caspi

Q: Where do you recommend people stay when they visit Positano? Do you know of any amazing hotels, guest houses, boutique villas, etc.?

It really depends on your budget because accommodation in Positano in the summer can be very expensive. Some of the best hotels in the town are "Hotel Villa Franca" - a modern hotel that sits on the highest point of the town with spectacular views and of course the famous "Le Sirenuse" hotel which is perfectly located a few minutes walk from the beaches and considered one of the top luxury hotels in the area. It is possible and recommended to find good and less expensive hotels outside the town like the boutique hotel "Casa Angelina" in the town of Praiano which overlooks Positano and the area. There are other good hotels in this town and its location for day trips on the Amalfi Coast is excellent.

Le Sirenuse Hotel, Positano © Daniel Caspi

Q: What other towns along the Amalfi Coast do you recommend people visit? Any secret places that not many people know about?

In general, the whole beach strip is worth a visit. But do not miss a visit to the following places: Capri Island (at least 1-2 nights in my opinion), Ravello (!), Amalfi, Atrani (stunning beach) and Sorrento (possible for 2 nights before or after the Amalfi Coast). Beautiful beaches you may not be familiar with and worth a visit: Marina di Praia, One Fire Beach, Fiordo di Furore (also accessible by boat). A beautiful boutique hotel with stunning views of Capri island and great food: Relais Blu.

Capri © Daniel Caspi

Q: Could you provide a couple of key travel tips for people looking to visit Positano? What should everyone know before they go?

As I mentioned, at the height of summer the place can be crowded and busy (before the corona period) so I would recommend arriving in the months before or after July-August if it's possible. It is highly advisable to book accommodation in advance as long as possible (months) to get the highest availability and the lowest price. For me, renting a car is the most comfortable way to get around the area although there are quite a few very narrow roads on the Amalfi Coast that can discourage inexperienced drivers - it’s up to you. Try to arrive with as little equipment and luggage as possible - This will make it easier for you to get around the steep town, on the way to hotels or cruises. Just do not forget the camera and swimsuit =)

Positano © Daniel Caspi