Journeys Menu 2022

PtravelsClub offers you an exclusive driving experience in Porsche sports car along the European most fascinating and thrilling driving routes, unique accommodation at the world’s top-rated spa hotels and an unforgettable culinary experience at award-winning chef restaurants. From all-inclusive packages to crafted itineraries, our experts can deliver exactly the vacation you seek. Explore what we can offer you. We are sure you will find our journeys menu with a variety of new luxury locations very inviting. For any further questions, our experts will be happy to provide professional and courteous assistance.

Alpina Alps Tour

PtravelsClub will take you to the top 10 fascinating mountain passes in the world alongside luxurious accommodation in 5-star spa hotels, behind the wheel of the new Porsche 992 Cabriolet 2022!

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The Dolomites Tour

A luxury journey to explore the wonders of Italy. A unique adventure between magical lakes and mountain peaks in Northern Italy combined with luxury accommodation alongside fine culinary.

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Luxury Tour Across Europe

The prestigious Forbes magazine stated: “Luxury Journey Across Europe is one of the most delightful adventures that money can buy”

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