Meet Daniel Caspi

Daniel is a passionate photographer & travel agent based in Israel. His work as a Landscape & Travel photographer opens the opportunity to explore beautiful countries with colorful & unique photos. Over the years, his images have been featured in many famous Instagram accounts with millions of followers & his shots have got into famous magazines.

"In 2014, I started photographing (on a vacation of course) without studying and without a background in photography, with a small & simple digital camera. After a few more vacations, I realized that I probably have a talent for photography and I purchased my first "professional" DSLR camera (Nikon D3200) and she served me faithfully for about 5 years. Today, I shoot with a full-frame mirrorless camera (Sony A7iii), A drone (Dji Mavic Pro) & Action camera (GoPro HERO7 Black Edition). Nothing makes me happier than travel in a beautiful destinations and seeing the world from a different angle."

My Occupations


“Ever since I discover my photography talent & I started photographing beautiful destinations & luxury hotel, I've been enthusiastic for it & constantly sought out adventures and unique views to photograph.”

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